Thai Proverb Tale

Ungrateful Apprentice

“Bite the hand that feeds you” which means repaying generosity or kindness with ingratitude and injury, has the same meaning as one of Thai proverbs.

You can get more acquainted with this proverb by reading this tale, Ungrateful Apprentice.

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Uncle Owl, was a very kind person who always showed his generosity toward everyone around him. He was a fisherman with decades of experience.

It happened late at night when Uncle Owl went fishing as usual. While standing on his boat and looking out over the sea, Uncle Owl saw something moving along the surface of the water, “Eh, who might be asking for help over there?”

“Help, help, help me please!” then there was a voice crying for help.

Finally, Uncle Owl saved a young guy from drowning into the sea. He even gave that guy some food and a place to stay overnight.

“May I please work with you on your boat?” that young guy politely asked Uncle Owl.

“Sure, let’s take the boat out tonight. I’ll teach you how to fish,” kindly answered Uncle Owl.

Unfortunately, while Uncle Owl and his new apprentice were heading out to sea, there was a terribly strong wind.

A sudden gust of wind made the boat rock abruptly. Uncle Owl could not control the wingsail by himself so the boat was gradually sinking. “Come here, quickly! Help me pull the rope!”  he shouted for help from his new apprentice.

What really happened after that was his ungrateful apprentice quickly took the lifebuoy and jumped out of the sinking boat! 

In every culture, decent people should show gratitude to the person that shows them hospitality or kindness and never turn against the one used to help them.

From the tale above, the person like the ungrateful apprentice will never be welcomed by anyone.