Thai Proverb Tale

A Troubled Boy

This Thai proverb tale is about a troubled boy named “Joy”. Most of his classmates thought Joy was the black sheep of the class.

How so? You can find out by reading this tale, A Troubled Boy.

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In Mr. Lion’s classroom, there was a troubled boy named Joy. He was disliked by his classmates because of his strange behaviors.

For example, while his classmates were busy helping each other planting trees in their school garden, Joy just stood still and did nothing.

“Come on, Joy!  Help me watering these trees,” one of them asked Joy to help him.

Instead of helping, Joy yelled at him, “No way! I hate trees.”

Sometime later, the students in his class gathered many gifts for distribution among the orphans. When another one of his classmates asked Joy to take a gift to one of those kids, she was furious at his reaction.

“No way! I hate those orphans. These gifts should have been in the trash. All of you are so boring. If you want to give them the gifts, just do it by yourself and leave me alone,” Joy shouted at the top of his voice and really dumped the gift in the trash.

Finally, everyone in Mr. Lion’s class could no longer bear Joy’s bad behaviors. They decided to tell him to his face, “Joy, you know what? You always do annoying things and made troubles for all of us in class. When are you going to stop, and try to act normal like us?”

Unfortunately, a troubled boy like Joy did not care. He just shrugged his shoulders and replied, “I’ll do whatever I want. Nobody can forbid me. And remember that don’t tell me to do anything or all of you’ll be regret.” Then Joy walked away like nothing ever happened and that made his classmates so angry!


Black Sheep is Thai proverb, and also English idiom, used to describe an odd or disreputable member of a group.