Thai Proverb Tale

Shame on Me!

“To save nothing for a rainy day” is Thai proverb used to teach why planning ahead matters.

Please take a little time to read Thai proverb tale, Shame on Me! and you’ll know you really should save something for your own future.

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There is a story many years ago of a fisherman, named Dang. It fell upon a day that he was going fishing in another side of the forest. Fortunately, he came across a small pond full of fish.

Wow! I’ve never had any idea there’s a pond over here and those fish are so big!” Dang was so surprised when he saw a lot of big fish swimming around.

Then something came into his mind, “Lucky me! If I catch those big fish, I can sell them at a high price and make a lot of money.”

Later at the farmers’ market, Dang brought all the fish just caught to sell. “Hello! Fresh catch, very big fish,” Dang talked to many people shopping for food. They were all interested in his fresh big fish.

“Oh! This fish is really big and fresh,” said one of his customers.

“Yeah, I’ll buy two kilos,” said another one.

That late afternoon, Dang made a lot of money from selling all the fish. He was very eager to spend his money. So, he kept walking around the market and bought whatever he liked without considering setting aside some money to save. At the end of the day, he had already used up all his money.

“Oh, what a wonderful time it is to spend money! it’s alright, I have no money left. I can go fishing at the pond tomorrow,” Dang happily walked back home with a lot of stuff he had bought.

The next day Dang went fishing at the pond, then he sold the fish at the market and used up all his money again. He still did not worry about the future.

It happened like this every single day. The amount of fish in that pond gradually decreased because Dang not only caught both adult and young fish, but he also caught fish during the spawn. Finally, there was no fish left in that pond.

When that bad day came, while sitting on his boat, Dang stared at the quiet water and murmured, “No fish so no money. If I could just think about saving a little money for a rainy day, my life wouldn’t be this tough. Ah, shame on me!