White Stallion and Black Pony

This cartoon story with moral lesson from “Khunkha Magazine” is not only for fun reading, but also providing one of the best life lessons for the readers.

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Once there were two wild horses: the White Stallion and the Black Pony. They became friends and lived in the middle of the forest.

The white stallion was very handsome with beautiful thick white mane. Therefore the king brought the white stallion into his palace.

In the same time, the black pony, a small horse, was raised by a farmer and worked on the farm.

One day these two old friends met by chance. The black pony was so eager to talk to its old friend, “How are you, my friend? How wonderful it is to live in the palace!”

“Of course. The king always tells everyone I’m the most handsome and super fast horse ever,” answered the white stallion.

“I’ve got the premium foods, luxury stable, and even have a stableman brush my beautiful shiny mane and tail,” the white stallion boasted of its life in the palace.

The white stallion continued its talk, “Hey, I’m not an ordinary horse like you, must eat only grass hay and stay in an old stable.”

The white stallion’s insult hurt the black pony’s feelings. “I’m not as handsome as you are, but if we run in a race I’ll be the winner!” said the black pony disappointed with its friend.

As soon as hearing those words, the white stallion laughed out loud, “Fine. Tomorrow morning, we’ll race in this field. Let’s see who’s going to lose.”

Next morning at the field, the white stallion ran ahead of the black pony in the first four rounds. “Haha! Now you see the super fast horse ever, right?” said loudly the white stallion.

But the black pony never gave up and kept running follow the white stallion without feeling tired.

At the beginning of the fifth round, even though the white stallion still led, it started to slow down. Then the distance between two horses was getting shorter and shorter. The white stallion turned its head to ask the black pony with a tired voice, “Are you exhausted? Do you want to quit the race now?”

“No, of course not. I’m not tired at all. Let’s go, keep running,” answered the black pony.

The race had kept going on until the tenth round and at this point the white stallion was completely exhausted. Its four legs were too tired to run any further. Suddenly the white stallion had to lie down beside the tree.

A short time later, the black pony arrived and was surprised at what it had seen. So the black pony asked, “Hey my friend, are you tired? Why are you lying down?”

Too embarrassed to tell the truth, the white stallion pretended to be fine. “Um…I’ve just happened to trip over a rock but I’m alright now. How about you? Don’t you want to rest for a while?” said the white stallion.

“No, my friend. I still have a lot of strength to run another ten rounds,” the black pony answered the white stallion with confidence.

Just as soon as the black pony had finished the conversation, it continued to gallop across the field without getting tired. At that moment, the white stallion realized that it could never compete the black pony. Since then the white stallion had never dare to boast about being the most handsome and super fast horse again.

From the story of White Stallion and Black Pony, you can learn how to maintain good friendship. The way you treat your friends is very important and sensitive. People don’t like being insulted. Therefore you should never hurt your friends who love you or they’ll probably have no choice but to leave you forever.