To Catch a Thief

Cartoons are always kids’ favorite, no matter what ages they are. Therefore so many fun and fascinating cartoon stories are filled both in our news and eBooks. Let’s start with the first one…

To Catch a Thief

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The situation in the city is worsening because everyday a thief is out to steal from the people. This made the lord mayor so worried.

One day, one of his people comes to beg for help “My lord, all my belonging was robbed! I don’t have anything left.”
As soon as the lord mayor acknowledges, he answers seriously “Again? I think we must immediately take action.” Then he orders two of his soldiers “You two go to catch the thief right now.”
Several days passed by, but the investigation’s still no answer. One of the soldier talks to his friend desperately “Oh! What should we do?”
“This must be the most dangerous thief in the world, so we couldn’t find any clue.” the other soldier agreed.
Then the lord mayor gives another order to all his soldiers to brainstorm and find the effective way to catch the thief. But he’s suddenly disappointed “What? All of you don’t think that you can find any good trick!”
By surprise, there’s low voice coming from a young soldier “ My lord, may I please try to catch this thief?”
After getting the permission, this young soldier asks the lord mayor to bring all his gold and treasure to show in an exhibition at the city hall.
Many people are so exiting and come to attend with curiosity. This also includes that thief who’s already planned to steal one more time.
On the last day of exhibition, all the gold and treasure are kept in a big iron treasure chest with a secured lock.
That night the same old thief creeps to steal everything as his well planning.
“What happened? Where is all my treasure? You…you must take responsibility.” the lord mayor shouts furiously at the young soldier.
“My lord, please let me tell you how to catch the thief. If you send the soldiers to find any man who has red color on his palms, then you’ll surely get that thief.”
The lord mayor follows his advice at once. Within a short time, that thief’s been caught.
“Your trick is brilliant. Tell me what kind of trick you used to catch the thief.” the lord mayor surprises.
So the young soldier reveals his plan “My lord, I’m sure that the thief must come to steal the treasure, so I painted the red color all over the iron chest. When he touches that chest while the color’s still wet, his hands must turn red!”
Finally this young soldier is promoted to be the lord mayor’s consultant because of his intelligence.
From the story above you can see that every question has solution. Only you have to use your own intelligence and knowledge.