Rainbow Legend

Rainbow is a natural phenomenon that occurs after rain.

Rainbow across the sky seems to bring positive emotions when we happen to see.

For many people, the rainbow is also a sign of hope.

There are actually quite a few folktales about the beautiful rainbow among many nations. And this rainbow folktale is one of the most interesting stories. How about reading the whole story now?

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After the rain, there appeared a beautiful rainbow. Therefore, the native American told the story of Rainbow Legend

Once upon a time, several colors of the world were debating which color was the most important.

Mr. Green was the first one to speak, “Undoubtedly, green is the most important color because it’s the symbol of life and hope.”

Mr. Green pointed to the green field in front of him and said, “Look at that field. The trees, leaves and even grasses are all green. Without me, the animals could starve to death!”

Mr. Blue argued against Mr. Green at once, “That’s because you only think about what on the land. Why don’t you just look up in the sky and deep into the sea?”

“The blue sky makes you feel both calm and cheerful and the blue sea is the origin of all living creatures. Without me, there’s nothing on the earth,” said Mr. Blue.

Mr. Yellow could not keep quiet anymore, “Hey! You two don’t really know. Actually, yellow is not only the color of joyfulness but also brings warmness to our earth. The sun, the moon and stars all are yellow.”

“When you see the sunflower, immediately you also see this world getting brighter. Without me, life would have no fun,” Mr. Yellow explained.

Then it was Mr. Orange’s turn to speak, “Are you kidding? Did you all forget that orange is the symbol of healthiness and strength of human lives?”

“Orange appears in all food rich in vitamin, such as carrot, pumpkin, orange, and papaya. Even the color of the sky at sunrise and sunset is also orange,” said Mr. Orange.

Mr. Red could not keep his silence any longer, so he spoke up, “Wait a minute! Please listen to me. Red must be the most important color of all. It’s the color of blood in every living creature and a symbol of danger.”

“Red enhances eagerness in people. Without me, this world would be empty and dull,” Mr. Red shared his opinion to his friends.

Mr. Red kept saying, “Furthermore, Red is the color of love, like the red roses.”

“No, it’s not true. Violet is the most important color because the royal families and the leaders of many countries use violet as their signs of power and wisdom,” Mr. Violet shouted out at once.

Finally, it was time for the last color, Mr. Indigo, “Hey! All of you must forget some important things about the indigo. Even though indigo is the color of calm and it’s not that noticeable, without me as a balance and contrast, you all wouldn’t look this beautiful.”

Each color boasted about being the most important color. They raised their voices. Then the debate turned into a big fight.

Suddenly, there appeared a flash of bright lightening. All the colors were startled so they moved closer together.

While the thunder was loudly rolling, there was a voice from Mr. Rain Cloud, “Hey all you people, listen to me! Why are you fighting? Don’t you know all the colors are created to have their own specialty and all are important?”

“OK. Hold your hands together and follow me. From now on, after the rain all of you’ll stretch across the sky and become the beautiful seven colors in a Rainbow to remind how to live peacefully together,” Mr. Rain Cloud led all the colors flew across the sky.

Since then, after the rain has already cleaned our earth, a rainbow, the sign of hope, appears across the bright sky.