Puss in Boots

Stamp’s not only used for mailing but many stamps can also tell you the amazing stories such as this one…Puss in Boots

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After the miller passed away, the only thing his youngest son inherited from him was a cat.

“My two elder brothers got our mill and the mules but I only got a cat like you. What am I going to do now?” the young man sadly said to the cat named Puss.

But Puss is no ordinary cat so he tried to comfort his master, “Don’t worry master. I’ll be your mascot and give you fortune.”

Puss asked his master to find him a costume, a pair of boots and a bag. Then Puss quickly dressed up and went into the wood with the bag to catch a rabbit. After that Puss brought that rabbit to present to the king.

At the king’s palace, “Your Majesty, I’m Puss in Boots. My master is the Marquis of Carabas. He ordered me to bring this rabbit to Your Majesty as a present.”

Many days passed by and one day…Puss the Boots overheard that the king and the princess would travel along the river.

Puss urgently persuaded his master, “Master, please go to the river, take all your clothes off and stay in the water. From now on remember that you are the Marquis of Carabas.”

Just as the king, the princess and many soldiers came near the river, Puss quickly jumped to stand in front of the king’s carriage. “Help…help…please help! My master was robbed of all his clothes. And he is drowning.” Puss shouted for help.

The king still remembered Puss in Boots so he ordered his soldiers to help the young man and provided him with an elegant new suit of clothes.

After dressing up, the young man looked very handsome. The princess, just seen him for the first time, fell in love with him at once. The king was so kind and asked the young man to travel with him and the princess.

Puss the Boots hurried to travel ahead into the wood until he saw a very beautiful castle belonging to an ogre.

Puss walked directly to the ogre and started his trick, “Sir…I’ve heard that you have the magic power to transform into many creatures…is it true?”

“Of course,” answered the ogre. Suddenly the ogre changed into a lion to frighten Puss.

Instead of scaring, Puss asked the ogre calmly, “Oh! It’s so great but I wonder whether you can change into a little animal like a mouse.”

The ogre was upset because of the insult by Puss the Boots. “There’s nothing in this world I can’t do,” answered the ogre. So the ogre transformed to be a little mouse right away.

That very moment Puss the Boots grasped the little mouse and slipped it into his mouth. So the ogre was gone for good.

Soon the king and his followers including the Marquis of Carabas arrived at the castle. “Welcome to the castle of the Marquis of Carabas,” Puss the Boots came to greet all the guests in front of the castle.

“Oh…what a beautiful castle it is!” said the king after seeing the late ogre’s castle.

By using his trick, Puss the Boots succeeded in impressing the king. So the king let the princess marry his master. The couple lived happily in the castle with all the treasures used to belong to the late ogre.