Clean Hands : Good Health

Kids’ Health was the column in Khunkha Magazine since the first issue. Kids’ Health provided information to help kids pursue good health and wellness. In order to be easily understood, we presented by using 2 cartoon characters.

Mr. Smiley (the nice yellow guy) and Mr. Messy (the cute but annoying green guy) had so many stories to talk to the kids.

This is the first time both of them came back to present the first important Health Tip. Let’s start reading now.

Clean Hands : Good Health
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Why do you need to wash your hands?”

The very simple answer is washing your hands is the best way to stop germs from spreading.

When do you need to wash your hands?”

There are so many answers for this question:

  • before having every meal
  • after using the bathroom
  • after playing with your pets
  • finally, every time you think that your hands are dirty

How do you wash your hands?”







Use water and soap then follow the 7 steps as shown in the picture above.

1- Rub both palms together.

2- Use each palm to clean the back of the other hand.

3- Clean between each finger on the palm side as shown in picture.

4- Use both palms to clean between each finger on the back of your hands.

5- Clean both thumbs thoroughly.

6- Rub your fingertips on both palms.

7- Rub each wrist with your other hand.

Then rinse and dry well with a clean towel. Do not share the towel with anybody!

Please stay-tuned for the next Health Tip from Mr. Smiley and Mr. Messy.