Thai Proverb Tale

Battle of the Ants

Having a “traitor” on the battlefield is extremely dangerous. Thai proverb tale, “Battle of the Ants” is about a traitor who betrayed his own friends.

Who was he? How did he betray his friends? Here’s the tale!

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The wars between black ants and red ants took place long time ago. It kept going on without the real winner and both of them gradually lost their soldiers.

At black ant army campsite, all black ant soldiers gathered around. Black Ant leader outlined his plan in the moonlight, “Here’s the plan to raid the enemy camp! I’ll divide our army ants into three squads. At dawn, the first squad moves toward the enemy camp, and another two squads move left and right directions.”

“When getting the signal from me, every squad attacks at once. We’ll definitely win a victory.”

Every black ant soldier agreed to his plan except “Toon Black Ant”. He always wanted to be a new leader and hated seeing Black Ant leader succeed. Almost midnight, Toon Black Ant sneaked into red ant’s camp with the aim of revealing the plan to Red Ant chief.

At dawn when the raid began, Black ant squads rapidly moved to left and right directions as soon as they had received the signal. Unfortunately, they were ambushed by a large troop of red ant army.

In the next few hours, all black ant soldiers were killed on the battlefield. This was how red ant army won the battle against black ants at last!

Black Ant leader’s plan failed because “Toon Black Ant” turned out to be a traitor. He was cowardly and selfish to betray his own friends who trusted him.